Anavar 50 mg for sale

anavarlAnavar has low anabolic properties. The active ingredient of the drug – oxandrolone. The drug produces the company Lyka Labs in tablet form. Packing 50 comprises a 10 milligram tablets of active substances. Anavar 50 mg for sale you can right now in our online store.

Effects Anavar

The ability of the drug to increase power rates is most valuable for athletes. When using the vehicle weight hardly increases, which allows athletes to stay in his weight class. Also your feedback about Anavar 50 mg for sale leave athletes whose bodies are not taking testosterone and Anavar for them was the only alternative. They also confirm the effectiveness of the drug. Also, the following effects can be noted steroid:


    • Gives relief of muscle;
    • It has a high capacity of fat burning;
    • Not flavored;
    • It gives your muscles extra hardness;
    • Increases the synthesis of growth hormone;
    • Does not have a negative impact on the liver;
    • Can be safely used by women;

Increases Strength athletes. The drug is very popular also because of its availability. The price of Anavar is available for any athlete.

Anavar cycle

To increase the performance of force recommended dosage is 50 to 150 milligrams of daily use. This dosage is valid for a solo course Anavar 50 mg for sale , and the combined use. Women dosage should be reduced to 20 or 30 milligrams of drug during the day. When using Anavar 50 mg for sale between cycles, to maintain weight dialed dose equal to 30 to 40 mg daily when receiving. With the ability to enhance the effect on the body other steroids, Anavar 50 mg for sale is frequently used in combined cycle of anabolic. The most popular combinations are with metandienonomi oksimetalonom. When using the drug in the pause between courses to effectively use Anavar together with Andriol. Also, the drug is often used in the drying course. As noted above Anavar (oxandrolone) is quite effectively burns fat, making it a popular way to lose weight in preparation for a competition. Also in this regard, it is worth noting that Anavar is rapidly excreted from the body and it occurs within 10 – 12 days. It is also a very important fact in preparation for competitions. When using Anavar 50 mg for sale , its daily dose should be divided into three stages. Oxandrolone is an affordable drug.

After application of the drug solo, post-cycle therapy is not optional. In the case where it is part of a combined cycle anabolic, rules for reducing rate remain the same as for other steroids.

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