Androgel / Testosterone gel profile

androgel-4Androgel – drug 1% of testosterone in gel form for application to the skin, designed for replacement therapy. Currently, testosterone gel is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs prescribed to patients with low levels of testosterone (hypogonadism). Androgel is manufactured by Solvay Pharmaceuticals. Androgel increases testosterone levels in the blood, penetrating through the skin.

Androgel analogue also present on the market – the dough (Testim), Which is available in tubes by Auxilium ] In fact, there are no pharmacological differences between the two drugs.

Most famous Androgel received as a result of the scandal erupted in the United States a few years ago when it was revealed that the famous coach Trevor Graham said that several popular athletes use testosterone gel to improve athletic performance. Later it became clear that athletes are not even aware that using hormonal drug, mistakenly believing that rubbed into the skin cream harmless. 

The use of 

Androgel Testosterone gel has the following advantages:

  • No need to perform injection
  • More uniform flow of blood hormone

On the advantages of testosterone gel end. At the same time, the following disadvantages occur:

Testosterone Gel for Sale

  • Androgel testosterone gels and others have a very high cost.
  • In bodybuilding is necessary to create a high concentration of anabolic hormonesin the blood that can not be achieved through the skin. The picture on the right you can see that increasing the dose of the drug Androgel testosterone leads to an increase in the concentration of about 150 units. Thus, to create the required concentration will require about 50 grams of gel, which significantly increases the expense of the preparation (economically very costly), the application makes it extremely inconvenient. It is necessary to cover a large area of skin preparation, and even in this case, the gel layer will be so thick that most of the testosterone gel to remain on clothes.

 Thus it becomes clear testosterone gel – Androgel is inappropriate to use in bodybuilding.


Androgel – side effects 

Androgel testosterone gel has the same spectrum of side effects such as testosterone:

Before using the product should consult a specialist.


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