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The organization of the training process while receiving AC 

While steroids power rates increase substantially as the athletes by enhancing the anabolic processes in the body, and by reducing the catabolic processes. Therefore, the training while receiving AC has some features, although, in principle, not much different from bezdopingovyh training programs. It should distinguish two main purposes for AC and, accordingly, the construction of training programs for this purpose – “massonaborny” training program cycle and under it, as well as the drying cycle, and terrain.

Training during massonabornogo cycle

best-cutting-steroids-726x400As a rule, the program on a cycle built on the principle of a split workout. Each muscle is worked out every 4-7 days. Read also the article: Features workout with steroids. You can also include a training program to date with the elements described in the article: Effective principles set muscle mass . Do not think that when taking steroids, you can relax and exercise in a slipshod manner, and “farming” all she will do for you. We should not forget that steroids only addition to training and nutritious food, in and of themselves will not make you stronger or heavier. You do not need to fall in the other extreme – to train for wear. In this case, no dose taken by the AU will not save from overtraining. In addition, an increase in muscle strength significantly ahead of the development of joint and ligaments, so you need to be extremely careful during exercise, so as not to get injured, especially the use of some steroids weakens the joints and ligaments. Usually “massonabornom” training with the use of various types of speakers used weekly splits. For example, 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 – three training days and four days of rest. There muscles of the body are divided into three groups, and each group trains once a week in your day. Or for the more advanced split 5 + 2 – five days of training plus two consecutive days of rest. Below are several options for training splits.

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Legend: the first indicates the name of the exercise, followed by a number of approaches and the number of repetitions in the approach.

Train №1 (Back, Biceps): (Monday)

  • Deadlift 3h5-6
  • Link rod in the slope 3×8-10
  • Link to the chest wide grip on the top shelf or Pull-ups on a bar 3×8-10
  • Lifting barbell biceps standing 3h8-10
  • Biceps curl with a dumbbell grip “hammer 3h8-10

Train №2 (chest, triceps): (Wednesday)

  • Bench press wide grip 3h8-10
  • Bench rod at an angle of middle grip 3h8-10
  • Breeding hands with dumbbells 3h8-10
  • Dips 3h8-10
  • Tritsepsovye extension on the upper block 3h8-10
  • French press 3h8-10

Train №3 (Legs, Delta): (Friday)

  • Squats 2 posted. set + 1×15,12,10,8
  • Leg Extension in the simulator 1×15,15,12,10
  • Leg press 1×15,12,10,8
  • leg curls on a machine 1×15,12,10,8
  • Bench sitting in the simulator Smith 3×8-10
  • Lifting dumbbells | lifting dumbbells through the side of 3×10-12
  • Hand Rises by side in the inclination of 3×10-12

The four split 

The first training Back, Biceps, afterwards 1 day vacation (back, biceps) (Monday)

  1. Pullups1x12,10,8,6
  2. Pulldown exercise for breast1x12,10,8,6
  3. Link to horizontal block stomach1x12,10,8,6
  4. Lifting barbell biceps standing 4×10
  5. Concentrated lifting on biceps 4×10

Second Training Chest, Triceps , afterwards 1 day rest (chest, triceps): (Wednesday)

  1. Landscape mode4x8-10
  2. Inclined bench4x8-10
  3. Breeding dumbbells on incline bench4x10-12
  4. French benchstanding 4×12
  5. Extension arms on the block with a straight handle4x12

The third leg workout , 1 day after the holiday (Legs): (Friday)

  1. Squats 1×12,10,8,6
  2. Leg Extension in the simulator 4×10-12
  3. Leg press 1×12,10,8,6
  4. Bending feet in the simulator 4×10-12
  5. Rise on your toes while standing in the simulator 4×15-20
  6. Rise on your toes while sitting in the simulator 4×15-20

The fourth training Shoulders (Delta): (Sunday)

  1. Thrust rod to the chin4x12-15
  2. Lifting dumbbells in hand standing 4×12-15
  3. Lifting dumbbells to the sides in the slope of 4×12-15
  4. Bench due to headin Smith 4×8-10
  5. Shrugswith dumbbells 4×10-15

cuttingOn Monday the entire training cycle begins anew. In addition, the split can be performed on the system 2 + 1 + 2 + 2 – which means two training days in a row, then off, then again two days of training and two days off in a row. Note, here are examples of training splits carried out within one week.

The five-day split 

In this split, designed for more experienced athletes who are training for five consecutive days, followed by two days off. Every workouts only one muscle group. Here is one example of such a split:

Monday, back 

  1. Pull-ups or pull the vertical block 3h8-10
  2. Deadlift 3h5-6
  3. Link rod in the slope of a horizontal thrust block 3h8-10
  4. Thrust dumbbell in one hand is tilted 3h8-10
  5. Shrugs barbell 3h12-15
  6. Shrugs with dumbbells 3×12-15

Tuesday, chest 

  1. Presses rod lying on the incline bench 3h8-10
  2. Presses rod lying on the horizontal bar 3h8-10
  3. Breeding dumbbells on incline bench 3h8-10
  4. Dips 3h12-20

Wednesday, feet 

  1. Squats on the shoulders 3h8-10
  2. legs bending simulator 3h8-10
  3. leg extension simulator 3h10-12
  4. Ups on socks standing 3h10-12

Thursday, Delta 

  1. Vertical bench 3h8-10
  2. The rise of the bar or on the simulator Smitty chin 3h8-10
  3. Mahi dumbbells up through the side 3h10-12
  4. Mahi dumbbells through the parties standing in the slope 3h10-12

Friday, hand 

  1. Tritsepsovye extension cable handle upper block 3h10-12
  2. Bench press close grip 3h8-10
  3. French mode standing with a dumbbell in one hand 3h10-12
  4. Lifting barbell biceps standing 3h8-10
  5. Hammer 3h10-12
  6. Barbell curls to bench Scott 3h8-10

This is followed by two days of rest, and the whole training cycle is restarted.