Oral Steroids

pills2Steroids – are drugs that enhance the effectiveness of training, muscle growth. increase stamina and athletic performance. Oral steroids are produced in the form of tablets, they are absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and enter the bloodstream where they become effective. Especially often used oral steroids in bodybuilding and powerlifting. They contribute to increased protein synthesis, and thus allow you to quickly build high-quality mass. In addition, oral steroids can improve the course of the blood, increase the number of red blood cells. Most steroids also promotes bone and connective tissue. While receiving these drugs the athlete improves concentration and motivation.

The main effects of oral steroids:

  •   Significant weight gain
  •   Increased power performance
  •   Increased Stamina
  •   Increasing the effectiveness of training
  •   Improving the oxygen supply of muscles
  •   Protecting the ligaments and bone overload
  •   Fat Burning

Oral steroids are very convenient to take. Drink tablet at any time. Very often buy oral steroids are recommended for beginners in bodybuilding. Because steroids in pill form do not seem so frightening as an injection.

1Advantages and disadvantages of oral steroids

The main advantage of this type of steroids – the high rate of assimilation. They give the first results immediately after administration. That is why oral steroids, which is low cost, so popular.They allow you to dial up to 8 kg of high quality muscle mass at a reception rate. It is understood that for greater efficiency, you need to follow a sports diet, consuming a lot of protein. Some have no oral steroids injecting analogues. This is due to barriers within the body. When the active substance is inside, it must pass the liver and intestine. To avoid the destruction of the steroid hydrochloric acid contained in the stomach, combined with steroids reception rate of the methyl group. In modern steroids such substances have been added to tablets. Steroids for oral administration is best taken after a meal, while the assimilation will be at a high level, and the load on the liver – the minimum.

Now a few words about the shortcomings of oral steroids:

● Oral steroids are toxic and adversely affect the liver.

● quickly eliminated from the body, a small duration. As a consequence – fluctuations in hormone levels. Therefore, it is important not to miss a single reception. For example, strombafort, which you can buy at the store sports pharmacology, it is effective only in compliance with the recommendations of the reception.

● In order to enter the bloodstream, steroids must pass through the liver where it is destroyed for some amount of active ingredient.

● Steroids can cause serious side effects of non-compliance with the rules and receive the recommended dosage.

● High risk to buy a fake. Forge oral steroids is easier than injection. This is often used by unscrupulous sellers.

How to take oral steroids

Oral steroids are taken with food or after. Typically, the daily dose is divided into two or three doses for better absorption. It is important to eat a lot of protein, otherwise the results will not be visible. There are athletes who believe that it is enough to buy methane for muscle growth and will go by itself. It is not, it requires high physical activity and proper nutrition.