The PCT – The Post Cycle Therapy

2PCT – a set of products and sports supplements, which are used in bodybuilding and power sports with a view to minimize the side effects and complications after a cycle of steroid hormones or prohormones. Aftertreatment therapy is especially important when using large doses of hormones or received simultaneously two or more anabolic formulation .

PCT literally means after therapy cycle, but for convenience were included other components that are used from the beginning of the cycle and in the PCT formally not included.

The objectives of post-cycle therapy

  • Restoring the natural hormonal levels – not to lose muscle mass
  • Fighting rollback phenomenon
  • Prevention of feminization( gynecomastia )
  • Preventing the development of testicular atrophyand oligospermia
  • Prevention and reduction of side effects of other

The main components of the PCT 

Antiestrogens are divided into two classes:

  • Aromatase inhibitors (Letrozole, Anastrozole and other) – during the course, to block estrogen effects if used flavoring agents ( testosterone , Sustanon , methandrostenolone and extremely small – boldenone and fluoxymesterone). Proviron many believe is a weak inhibitor of aromatase . [1]
  • Estrogen receptor( Tamoxifen, Clomid ) or Toremifene – after the course for 2-3 weeks to restore the secretion of testosterone. These drugs are in a key position, and are very important. Used after the course of any complexity.

Chorionic gonadotropin – to prevent the development of testicular atrophy and desensitization of Leydig cells. Used heavy courses lasting more than 6 weeks. The introduction begins at 2-4 week course (or the last 3-5 weeks) and continues to anabolic drug excretion, then jumps to the estrogen receptor blockers.

Cabergoline (Dostinex) – an inhibitor of secretion of prolactin . It is used on the course progestin drugs (nandrolone , trenbolone), which increase the level of prolactin is responsible for most of the side effects of these drugs. Usually it is taken at a dose of 0.25 mg every 4 days throughout the course.

Additional components 

  • Testosterone boosters– help to restore hormonal balance. Getting admission comes at a time of complete elimination of steroids and continues after 2-3 weeks, with a gradual decrease in dose.
  • Hepatoprotectors – used to protect the liver from toxic effect of some steroids. Home reception – 2 week cycle, the end – after a 3 week cycle. Some people prefer to use them after the course. In the west, this class of drugs is not considered seriously, because the effectiveness of proven weak.
  • Omega-3– to normalize the lipid profile and level of cholesterol , protect the heart and blood vessels. It is assumed for the entire course and 2 weeks thereafter.
  • Growth hormoneand Peptides – excellent means for storing dialed muscle mass, which can also ease the symptoms of anxiety, depression and complications kardiovasuklyarnyh cycle of anabolic steroids. However, preparations of growth hormone are quite expensive, and therefore not always included in the aftertreatment therapy. Held regular course of growth hormone during or after receiving the AAS. Have a look at the construction of the course with the peptides.
  • Cortisol blockers – these additives suppress catabolism and maximally preserve muscle from destruction. Start taking these supplements should fall on the end of a course of steroids and last 3-4 weeks. Unfortunately, high-performance tools in this category almost none. From mandatory: ascorbic, protein, BCAA’s .

1Preparations zinc and most herbal supplements are not effective. Proviron is not the best preparation for the PCT.

All components PCT compatible with each other. Sometimes, as the PCT offered prohormones , but this is not correct, because prohormones – is essentially the same steroids . Thus, you extend the course, resulting in the risk of complications increases.

Post-cycle estrogen blocker therapy is always and only after the removal of anabolic hormones! According to Michael Scally MD, a world specialist in hormone replacement therapy, it is a key condition for the successful recovery of the hypothalamus-pituitary-arc testicles. It is desirable to test for total testosterone, to ensure a low level and only then start taking drugs of this group. According to different authors duration varies from 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the degree of suppression of the pituitary.

Dosages clomiphene (days * Dosage).

  • 3 * 150/12 * 100/15 * 50/15 * 25 – a very difficult course.
  • 15 * 100/15 * 50/15 * 25 – a heavy course.
  • 30 * 50/15 * 25 – the average rate.
  • 15 * 50/15 * 25/15 * 25 (every two days) – an easy course.
  • 15 * 50/15 * 25 – oxandrolone, methandrostenolone, methenolone, stanozolol, oral Turinabol (normal).

Dosages Toremifene (days * Dosage)

  • 3 * 120/12 * 60/15 * 30/15 * 15 – a very difficult course.
  • 15 * 60/15 * 30/15 * 15 – a heavy course.
  • 30 * 30/15 * 15 – the average rate.
  • 15 * 30/15 * 15/15 * 15 (every two days) – an easy course.
  • 15 * 30/15 * 15 – oxandrolone, methandrostenolone, methenolone, stanozolol, oral Turinabol (normal).

Doses of Tamoxifen (days * Dosage) – can not be used after the course nandrolone and trenbolone !!!

  • 3 * 80/12 * 40/15 * 20/15 * 10 – a very difficult course.
  • 15 * 40/15 * 20/15 * 10 – a heavy course.
  • 30 * 20/15 * 10 – the average rate.
  • 15 * 20/15 * 10/15 * 10 (every two days) – an easy course.
  • 15 * 20/15 * 10 – oxandrolone, methandrostenolone, methenolone, stanozolol, oral Turinabol (normal).

Other preparations:

  • for the prevention of bursts of prolactin (after the course nandrolone and trenbolone) is used Cabergoline (Dostinex, Alaktin, Agalates, Bergolak), 0.25 mg once every four days for a month and a half;
  • not damage: Vitamin E- 200-400 IU per day of the first month PKT Zinc – 50 mg per day, Tribulus terresteris, 750-1000 mg, calculated on furastanolovye saponins.

The list of required analyzes of sashan’a  .

FCT by Dr. Scally by Michael 

Post-cycle therapy by Dr. Michael Scally, published in the book William Llewelly’s Anabolics 10th edition. The scheme has been developed by physicians Program for Wellness Restoration (PoWeR) and has been successfully used for the treatment of hypogonadism after androgen replacement therapy. Efficiency confirmed by clinical studies. This therapy is recommended after each “hard” course of anabolic steroids, if not gonadotropin used during the course . The original scheme was renewed in 2010, but by the statements of Dr. Michael Scally has changed slightly. Now it proposed to use gonadotropin at a dose of 2000 mg instead of 2500 for 20 days and the dosage is 20 mg of tamoxifen.

The total duration of treatment – 45 days.

  • Day 1-20: 10 injections of hCG 2,000 IU a day, at bedtime. 
  • 1-30 Day: Clomid (clomiphene citrate) 50 mg, 2 times a day.
  • Day 1-45: Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate), 20 mg, 2 times daily.

It should be noted that the least prosperous FCT program, because HCG is involved;

it can not be used in the FCT in the absence of a real medical condition.

Treatment begins after the elimination of the anabolic drug. Estimated time of removal indicated. If hCG was administered during the course, it is not required as part of FCT as secretory function of the testicles will be saved. 

Why do I need to use Clomid and Nolvadex together.

PKT from Yuzhakova Anton 

Post-cycle therapy is started after the completion of the action of drugs (have to look a long half-life of the drug). Also before the PBC need to find out the level of estradiol and prolactin. If elevated estradiol – take inhibitors aramatazy to lower estradiol, estradiol with increased recovery will take longer. With increased prolactin cabergoline use, elevated prolactin will also slow the recovery.

Weak Course One of the two drugs.

  • Tamoxifen for 20 days, 20 days, 15 mg + 10 mg
  • Clomiphene 20 days 50 days 15 mg + 25 mg

Strong course or the long one of the two drugs.

  • Tamoxifen for 20 days, 30 days, 15 mg + 20 mg + 10 mg 10 days
  • Clomiphene 20 days 100 days 15 mg + 50 mg + 10 mg 25 days

Very strong rate of all drugs.

  • Tamoxifen – 20 days to 30 mg.
  • Clomiphene – 20 days 100 mg. + 15 days 50 days 10 mg + 25 mg.

If the course was a prolactin-enhancing drug tamoxifen can not be used

An example of post-cycle therapy 

See main article: The best courses of steroids

3Above is a classic course of testosterone enanthate with the transition over the past two weeks on Testosterone propionate , to maintain a constant level of testosterone. However, adequate pharmacological support can reduce the risk of side effects and significantly improve efficiency.

  • Aromatase inhibitors- can eliminate gynecomastia and increase testosterone concentration by blocking the conversion of estrogens . Ispolzovat necessary to lower dosages to maintain the level of estrogenic hormones within the reference value. Other analogs can be used instead of anastrozole. It is desirable to perform tests for estrogen, which is determined based on the need to use IA.
  • Gonadotropinsaves testicular sensitivity to endogenous gonadotropin-releasing hormone.  It is scientifically proven that the use of gonadotropin-to-date can significantly recover faster. In the months of courses administered continuously, while experts recommend to do 2x a week break after 3-5 weeks of use. However, there is also scientific evidence that the use of hCG on a course of steroids is bound to cause an increase of estradiol in the blood to the transcendental level, which in turn will provoke side effects, so most doctors absolutely does not justify the use of gonadotropin during the course of androgens.
  • Tamoxifen- the main drug for post-cycle therapy. It starts the secretion of testosterone by blocking estrogen receptors in the pituitary gland, but clomiphene and toremifene are preferred embodiments.
  • Growth hormoneand peptides – are minor components necessary for the suppression of post-cycle catabolism .

If at the end of the course uses short esters rapid half-life (eg, testosterone propionate ), or oral medicines, the introduction of gonadotropin blockers and aromatase terminated together with the use of anabolic drug. FCT antiestrogens begins after 3-4 days, when the body’s concentration of these funds is reduced to a minimum.

Progestin courses

  • As mentioned above, the progestin-only preparations – deck, trenbolone have some progestagenic activity, which leads to an increase in prolactin levels, and therefore reduced libido, there is accumulation of fluid, it is possible prolactin gynecomastia. Cabergoline allows almost completely prevent these side effects.
  • Instead, tamoxifen is recommended Clomid (available in pharmacies under the brand name Clomid) or the more modern and secure toremifene (FARESTON), due to the fact that tamoxifen increases the sensitivity of progesterone receptors.
  • Aromatase blocker is necessary, as a part of the course is easy flavoring testosterone.