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proviron-mesterolone-1Proviron (active ingredient – Mesterolone) – hormonal drug with moderate androgenic activity and significantly enhances erectile function. Proviron is often used in bodybuilding during the course of anabolic steroids for various tasks.

Among the well-known manufacturers mesterolone – Schering different company offices (Proviron in the form of tablets of 25 mg), the Moldovan company Balkan Pharmaceuticals ( Provimed, 50 mg tablets ) and some others.

He is a weak inhibitor of aromatase, t. E. Prevents the conversion of steroids to estrogen in the body. According to numerous reports of athletes, in practice Proviron does not prevent gynecomastia , water retention, fat deposition on the female type and other estrogen side effects.

Almost no effect on the body’s own production of testosterone (in large doses can suppress), but increases the concentration of free testosterone in the blood, due to the fact that blocks the activity of sex hormone binding globulin. These properties make it an attractive means Proviron during the course.

Often used as part of post-cycle therapy , although expediency is questionable, since the ability to restore the secretion of endogenous testosterone it does not have.

How to take Proviron during the course

A typical daily dosage for men – 50 mg per day, divided into two equal reception, preferably after the meal. It is considered an acceptable dosage to 100 mg of Proviron per day. Receiving higher doses may cause Proviron® effects contrary to that expected. During prolonged erection, which is often quite painful and uncomfortable, the dosage should be reduced or canceled his reception at all.

Given that the drug increases libido and enhances the potency in men, its use is justified on a course of drugs that lower libido (such as Deca-Dick in the application of nandrolone or Tren-Dick of trenbolone ).

Proviron for Sale

Also, Proviron is often used in bodybuilding in precompetitive preparation for increasing the hardness of muscles and giving it a bump. Is the favorite drug of the Western film actors to give the outward appearance of muscularity, afraid to use heavier steroid “artillery”. It is also used by women to give bodibildershami muscle density, but their dosages should not exceed 25 mg per day of not more than four weeks to eliminate the phenomenon of masculinization . While professional bodybuilders do not adhere to these standards.

The medical use of

“It improves the quality and increases the sperm count. Compensates for lack of production of male sex hormones (androgens), providing a stimulating effect on the development of male reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics, it improves libido and potency, showing anabolic properties to stimulate erythropoiesis. How to use: Inside, not liquid, 25 mg 1-3 times per day. 

Side effects

proviron-3It is not toxic to the liver in moderate doses, which makes it safe during a course of reception for several weeks. It suppresses the axis hypothalamus-pituitary-testes . Taking into account the chemical nature and similarity to dihydrotestosterone, possible side effects such as prostate hypertrophy and male pattern baldness of the scalp.

for periodic prostate examination is recommended for prophylaxis. Caution After the application of hormonal substances that are part of the drug Proviron, very rarely observed the formation of benign and even more rarely – malignant liver tumors. In some cases, intra-abdominal bleeding caused by such tumors, posed a threat to life. If a man who uses Proviron, there is severe pain in the upper abdomen, enlargement of the liver or there are signs of intra-abdominal bleeding in the differential diagnosis should take into account the probability of having a liver tumor

The weakening of the AU action

Many authors, for example, A. Vasilenko, and others point to the use of Proviron and anabolic steroids (AS) of the same receptors that supposedly reduces the effect of the latter. For the first time, this information came from Dan Duchaine’s Underground Steroid Handbook II. However, the pharmacokinetics of elementary knowledge can deny it. Firstly, the antiestrogen is rapidly destroyed in the muscles to inactive metabolites. Secondly, due to the high affinity binding proteins (SHBG) drug can increase the concentration of free speakers, which increases the effectiveness of the course.

Legal status

Proviron is available for sale in Ukraine.

Included in the “list of potent substances for the purposes of Article 234 and other articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.” When it is detected, you in the amount of more than 15 tabs. (2.5 gram tablet form) criminal responsibility. When determining the weight law enforcement recorded including the weight of the filler (starch, TiO2 and other related substances). In some cases, weighting occurs with packaging.

Selection of anti-estrogens

Often the question is raised, what an antiestrogen drug should be preferred.

Tamoxifen – this means that blocks estrogen receptors, but does not prevent the formation of estrogens. Tamoxifen is more conducive to the restoration of natural testosterone as well as a way to directly affect the pituitary gland. Among the shortcomings – slightly reduces the anabolic activity of steroid agents. It is used only during the PBC .

Proviron® increases the concentration of androgens by binding to SHBG, thus increasing the efficiency rate. Proviron However, as has been shown in studies, is not conducive to restore testosterone secretion, unlike tamoxifen. Repeatedly performed tests of hormone levels have shown that the anti-estrogen effect on the course of Proviron hardly manifested.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of both drugs, the best course of steroids is constructed as follows (actual for flavoring speakers only):

  • Starting from 2 weeks of the course Proviron administered at a dose of 50 mg per day. Further, to control the level of estrogen to be applied inhibitors of aromatase .
  • Immediately after completion of the course, stops Proviron reception and after elimination of steroids from the body appointed by tamoxifen for 2-3 weeks at a dose of 10-20 mg per day.

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